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Taking academic learning out of the textbooks and into the immersive world. Simulations

What are the training needs?

All medical students know that textbooks are not the most engaging way of learning key anatomy and medical concepts. Also used are costly anatomical reproduction models which cannot typically be dynamically altered to multiple conditions to demonstrate a condition or state. With XR Academic Hub trainees can experience the medical curriculum with an intelligent and immersive approach.  

What we do

XR Academic Hub gives students an intuitive, immersive environment to learn, practice, and assess their medical knowledge, whether it’s anatomical knowledge, clinical correlations, or case study patient data. With motivational design and an expanding curriculum, XR Academic Hub is a cost-effective alternative to rote learning materials, with increased learner engagement. It is multiplatform and supports a range of AR, VR, and MR devices, with support for persistent learner profiles and LMS integration.

In assessment mode, each curriculum has a catalogue of appropriate test questions, and they will be presented to the user in a randomised order with a time incentive. At the end, a dynamic summary will be given as to how the user did, with specific feedback on strengths and areas to improve upon.

The free-roam explore mode allows user to explore the 3D content at their own pace with no narrator or time restrictions. Medical visualisations will be fully labelled, and buttons can be used to toggle through layers, categories, or conditions etc. The user can also choose to trial any questions from assessment mode, in a practice format.

With this format, learners are empowered to engage with self-guided learning whilst still being given structured curriculums and feeding into classroom and peer learning sessions. i3 Simulations can also work with your medical institution to guide targeted integration and support of our product offering, contact us to find out more.


  • Learners can access their curriculum at any time and engage in meaningful learning, not just rote memorisation
  • Increased learner engagement, and ability to access targeted learning on demand
  • Intelligent feedback leads to rapid knowledge retention
  • Has just been launched as part of SingHealth’s i3 Hub immersive classroom initiative

To find out more, book a demo, or to discuss integrating any of the i3 product suite into your medical institution, please get in touch via our contact form.

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