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Transforming aviation training by increasing situational preparedness.
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What are the training needs?

The aviation sector has one of the most rigorous training requirements among industries as its staff are required to deal with passenger safety and wellbeing on a daily basis. Aviation training not only entails onboarding sessions for new employees but also comprises modules that upskill existing employees on new processes, technologies, and aircrafts technicalities, in a wide range of situations including emotionally stressful and emergency situations.

training today

The aviation industry has been a pioneer in XR based training simulations since its emergence. Key reasons behind this early adoption include:
– Cost-effective, scalable, capable of the quick roll-out, and accessible remotely
– Complex systems simulations support low-cost aircraft training
– Risk-free but immersive simulations allow realistic soft skill assessment
– Consistent experiences thus standardised learning outcomes
We partnered with Heathrow Airport to create a 360 VR live-action video simulation that allowed large groups of people to receive training simultaneously, drastically reducing training costs. The staff faced a health and safety crisis and were confronted by the outcomes of their behaviours, making the training more experiential.

training tomorrow

While the aviation sector has been a forerunner in adopting immersive technologies, a plethora of opportunities are waiting to be unlocked. Complex learning content can be transformed into engaging modules with contextualised narratives, with adaptive learning for each learner through Artificial Intelligence.
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