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What are the training needs?

In the ever-shifting world of business we inhabit, re-skilling is imperative for employees to remain relevant in the employment market and for organisations to navigate through hitherto unchartered territory.

Business training is essential to coach executives on business challenges in a safe, risk-free environment – introducing them to new concepts or increasing their understanding of those topics they are already aware of.

What we did

While traditional learning offers advantages of in-person interaction with lecturers and networking with peers, it lacks scalability and is increasingly perceived as cost-intensive. XR business training offers a viable and cost-effective alternative with a range of training content around soft skills such as leadership, strategy, teamwork, and communication as well as business concepts such as finance, supply chain, and marketing.

training tomorrow

Business training of tomorrow will involve digitising traditional content and migration to online and virtual platforms. However, it will be delivered through an increasingly immersive and engaging medium, featuring AI to suit individual learning needs and gamification to boost engagement. Collaboration between industry and academia will be pivotal to developing learning modules built on a foundation of evidence-based research.
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