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What are the training needs?

In-person group training sessions for medical simulations are costly and cumbersome to organise and run, regardless of the scenario. They also require dedicated space, time, and resources that can be difficult to afford and tricky to quantify.

Notoriously, set-up and pack-up times can run longer than the sessions themselves when high-cost training mannequins and equipment are in use, and without the low fidelity directs impacts both learning transfer and knowledge retention.

With our multiuser training simulations, exceeding these learning aims can be fulfilled effectively and efficiently, remotely and without risk.

What we do

i3 Simulations’ multiuser training simulations give cohorts the ability to engage in team clinical training whether in-person in a shared physical space, or remotely across locations and borders. We can also facilitate dedicated installations on-site, for use within a lab environment.

Even without a full group available, our simulations support individual learning through the use of AI characters in place of other users, who are able to communicate and respond in real-time and make actions when requested. Co-ordinating information and actions required as a group is key, as every person in the scene can be assigned a specific role, such as code leader, which also will be invoked in their feedback as in real-life clinical training.

With realistic environments, patients and tools, full localisation of terms and protocols, our simulations can be readily adapted to fulfil your current group training difficulties.


  • Increases confidence for communication protocols, builds teamwork strength
  • Builds both soft skills and hard knowledge simultaneously
  • Has just been launched as part of SingHealth’s i3 Hub immersive classroom initiative

To find out more, book a demo, or to discuss integrating any of the i3 product suite into your medical institution, please get in touch.

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