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What are the training needs?

Traditional learning of diagnostic skills relies on predictable patterns, leading questions, or unrealistic simulations with low fidelity. Alternatively, teaching approaches to symptoms through a lecture format tends to devolve into complex pathways and lists of conditions, which is not reflective of the heuristic-based approach used in real life.

Small group tutorials are better, but they do not adequately reflect the situation on the ground: real-life constraints imposed by limited time and resources means high-value actions need to be performed first. In the ends, a lot of doctors learn on the ground, during their night calls, making mistakes along the way and sometimes not being aware.

i3 Simulations’ diagnosis training simulations, like Hypotensive Shock pictured, provide a risk-free opportunity for learners to hone their clinical acumen under realistic conditions with feedback at the end, serving as a bridge between theory and learning on the job.

What we do

Learners guide diagnostic decisions, order tests, and prepare for specific treatments and protocols entirely from the learner’s own determinations and knowledge. They will be tasked with recognising the underlying medical cause and exclude differentials through information gathering from records, history, conversation, and physical examinations.

Not only are users then tasked with initiating appropriate treatment, but they are also required to plan for further management after initial stabilisations with appropriate follow-up investigations, referrals, and such plans.

With intelligent feedback pulling from expert performances and AI, users are given personalised evaluations both on the decisions they made, correctly or incorrectly, as well as the decisions they missed. Add to this patient variations with the appropriate differences in symptoms and signs, there are greatly scalable learning possibilities in XR.


  • Repeatable and scalable diagnostic scenarios leading to rapid skill gain
  • Immersive environment with realistic elements proven to reach optimal stress level and provide ideal learning conditions
  • Has just been launched as part of SingHealth’s i3 Hub immersive classroom initiative

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