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What are the education needs?

There is a growing use of immersive technologies in the education sector, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning which is identified as a prioritised learning area by many governments across the world considering the high value it adds to economies, quality of life and societies.

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Immersive experiences boost engagement levels in learners as it fosters experiential learning. It facilitates the development of curiosity in learners and results in an in-depth understanding of complex topics. Virtual assistants guide young minds through their learning journey and balance difficulty and stress. Increased engagement naturally translates into higher knowledge retention and improved class performance.

In partnership with Coventry University, we produced educational games and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences at the Lanchester Interactive Archive. The experience taught and informed users about the life and works of Frederick Lanchester with games to build a car in his workshop, using his theories of flight to fly aircrafts, and using his designs to put together a gearbox to operate machinery.

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Immersive technology has been enhancing education for decades. Now, XR offers a new interaction in which the narrative of learning content can be made more visual for each learner. With increased performance, understanding and memory retention XR training will transform both teaching and learning experiences for the next generation of educators and learners.
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