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What we know about healthcare training?

Healthcare interventions are wide-ranging and frequently require professionals to respond to demanding and complicated situations. This necessitates simulation-based training for professionals to enable them to grasp the complexity and dynamics of real-life situations. Advances in AI and XR technology are now compelling this industry to move fast and embrace its benefits within healthcare training.

What we did

The increasing use of high-fidelity mannequins has become central to simulation-based healthcare training which requires a realistic training approach. However, the system is limited because of its lack of flexibility, high maintenance cost, poor scalability, and set up time. Healthcare education systems can therefore benefit significantly from the use of XR technology.

Resus VR is our proprietary AI-powered virtual reality training solution. It mimics the pressures and stresses healthcare professionals are faced with in high stakes, preparing them for such emergencies in the real world. Due to its effectiveness, the Resus VR training module is now a prerequisite for residents and medical students at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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Extended reality (XR) is one of the key technologies shaping the future of healthcare training. Reduced training opportunities with real patients and increased emphasis on patient outcomes and remote access has increased demand for the technology through the entire spectrum of healthcare education.
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