Heathrow VR – Heathrow Airport

A 360 VR video simulation that allows large groups of people to receive training simultaneously, drastically reducing training costs.

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports globally, with over 200 thousand people on a typical day. Health and safety regulation for an airport of this scale is not easy and managing the safety and security of operations takes exceptional skill that develops with practise over time. In light of an accident, the immediate behaviours and reactions are usually the result of decisions and behaviours from accidents that have happened before. We partnered with Heathrow Airport to create an immersive training simulation, including the psychological aspects of skill development, to confront the staff with the outcomes of their decisions in real-time, virtually.

To make the training simulation more immersive, the simulation was not 3D but incorporated live-action footage of actors re-enacting a scene the staff would encounter on a normal day. When the trainees put the headset on, we wanted them to feel like they were actually part of the scene. By making it more experiential, their stress was alleviated when they encountered a sudden accident in the simulation, compelling them to make decisions to resolve the situation.

This simulation, built for the world in Heathrow, permitted the training of big groups simultaneously. By engaging audio and visual senses that minimise distractions, their decision-making skills were put to the test. Being repeatable, trainees were able to review their performance based on the data measured, which helped them improve their skills and be prepared for accidents in the real world.



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