i3 Hub: The Future of Simulations with SingHealth

Our mission at i3 Simulations is to transform the future of medical training. To create immersive, interactive, and intelligent training solutions that empower the next generation of healthcare professionals.

We are partnered with the largest healthcare group in Singapore, SingHealth, to develop and pilot the use of XR technologies within healthcare training across their organisation.

Our team collaborated closely with SingHealth, exploring and developing our shared vision. Our process began, as always, with exploration and strategy. SingHealth was confused about the variety of immersive technology available, namely Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. We simplified the technologies for them in terms of what they mean, the choice of hardware, how they should choose and what provides the optimum outcome for their needs,- taking into consideration the fidelity, cost and ease of delivery. Based on a detailed research study working with SingHealth’s subject experts to listen, to learn, and to understand their unique problems and form solutions for their desired outcomes, we found that AR or VR alone wouldn’t fit their unique requirements.

Together we have designed a suite of immersive training simulations that directly addressed their needs. Academic value and medical accuracy are validated by medical experts every step of the way. Working together to critically assess, test and improve continuously.

The result? A dedicated XR classroom named i3 Hub; set up to host a suite of XR content available on the latest AR, VR and MR hardware. It targets primarily medical students and junior doctors, but is valuable to all levels of experience. It supports self-study, bolsters knowledge retention, and ultimately provides a cost effective way to give learners increased “hands on” time to build their practical and critical thinking skills.

Our team is passionate about healthcare, improving the skill growth of medical professionals, and ultimately, increasing the overall quality of care to the patients. This is why we think differently, utilising the latest technologies to provide new opportunities, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionise the way we design and use simulations, supporting the research that helps us understand how to do better.

Browse our website to find out how we guide and support clients like SingHealth on their training journey, and get in touch to discuss how we can make your learning immersive, interactive, and intelligent.

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