i3 Sims @ TheHill Virtual Reality Showcase

Last week, i3 Simulations had the pleasure and unique opportunity to participate in TheHill’s Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) showcase, hosted at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, focusing on how these technologies have the potential to revolutionise healthcare. This event brought together frontline healthcare staff, representatives from NHS Trusts, health and social care bodies, and a carefully curated group of companies leading the VR and AR industry.

During the event our CEO and co-founder, Devi Kolli, participated in a symposium titled ‘Virtual in real life: practical applications of healthcare VR’. She explored the practical implementations of VR in the healthcare setting, bringing in her extensive experience in various tech industries and commitment to advancing technology in diverse fields. Devi’s insights added depth to the discussions about the possibilities and future directions of VR and AR in healthcare.

Another standout moment of the event was the roundtable discussion involving Devi Kolli, Dr Marion Waite, Dr Clare Martin, and Chandrasekar Rathinam. They engaged in an in-depth conversation around the future of medical technology, sharing different perspectives and discussing how VR/AR can reshape healthcare practices.

Throughout the event, it was notable how multidisciplinary simulation leaders engaged in productive dialogues, creating an environment conducive to learning and potential future collaboration. The discussions were genuine and thoughtful, focusing on the impacts and potential growth of VR and AR technologies within healthcare.

Looking back at the showcase, it was a significant event that brought together different healthcare stakeholders and encouraged conversations. i3 Simulations appreciates having been a part of these important discussions and is keen to continue contributing to the field with their VR solutions. The future of healthcare technology holds much promise, and it’s encouraging to see events like this fostering engagement and growth.

Our sincere thanks to TheHill team and looking forward to showcasing the future of medical training with them soon!

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