i3 Simulations @ Uni of Padua VR Symposium

Last week, i3 Simulations was privileged to participate in the University of Padua’s Virtual Reality Symposium’s online conference. We were excited to share our insights and innovations in extended reality training modules and equally thrilled to gain from the interactive discussions and presentations throughout the event.

TJ Matthews, our Research Manager, and Tom Dolby, our CTO, led our segment at 3:30pm GMT/4:30pm CEST. Their comprehensive and engaging discussion spotlighted our pioneering work with Extended Reality (XR) training modules and how these technologies are redefining the paradigms of training and education.

The core highlight of the talk was our recent collaboration with the University of Padua, localising our ground-breaking Resuscitation VR to Italian. As a sophisticated medical training solution, Resuscitation VR provides immersive, hands-on experience for medical trainees, equipping them to handle high-stress emergency situations. By translating and adapting this tool for an Italian context, we hope to widen the reach and impact of this advanced training solution.

The symposium offered us the opportunity to discuss our technologies with a wider audience and gain valuable feedback. It was inspiring to be part of a community that values innovation and forward-thinking approaches, and we relished the chance to engage in authentic, informative discussions on the future of VR in education.

We thank the University of Padua for inviting us to participate in their Virtual Reality Symposium and look forward to future opportunities to share our work and learn from others in the VR and XR communities.

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