Lanchester Interactive Archive – Coventry University

A project that aimed to promote the works of Frederick Lanchester, a British inventor in the early periods of automotive, engineering and aviation.

Fredrick Lanchester was a polymath with over 400 inventions to his name, including colour photography, radio and sound equipment and bicycle equipment. He was a problem solver and saw things way ahead of his time. When we were commissioned to find a way to make the archive available to people, we found a way to preserve it that was in line with the kind of thinking he was known for.

In order to engage and involve wider audiences in an exciting way, we started by first addressing the real problem that heritage sites face. Educating and informing audiences about complex subject matter is challenging, especially when it is difficult to visualise. We partnered with the Heritage Lottery Fund to gamify the Lanchester Archive with augmented reality. AR was used to teach and inform visitors and student about his inventions, how they work and how they remain significant even today. We superimposed digital content on real-world physical objects to make the experience fun for all ages. The images, blueprints and designs were brought to life, making it easier to visualise his work.

The games included experience such as building your own car using Fredrick Lanchester’s workshop, using his theories of flight to operate an aircraft through challenging obstacles and even using his gear designs to assemble a gearbox with the right amount of power to operate machinery.

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