Metaverse in Healthcare: Our Latest Article in Simulation Magazine

SIMzine’s latest issue features an exciting article co-authored by our very own CTO, Tom Dolby, and respected paediatric specialist, Dr. Todd Chang. The article, titled “The Metaverse and Medical Simulation,” can be found on page 18 and 19 of issue 7 of the magazine.

The article delves into the topic of the Metaverse, a persistent digital world that offers endless opportunities for collaboration and education without physical boundaries. The authors explore the potential of the Metaverse in the healthcare industry, including the possibility of creating a 3D digital twin of a hospital and allowing staff to meet, discuss, and simulate from anywhere in the world. They also touch on the potential for remote and disadvantaged areas to access training in ways not previously possible.

However, the authors also acknowledge that the Metaverse is still in its infancy and technology providers have a long way to go in delivering on their ambition. Additionally, the healthcare sector will need to consider ethical, security, and legal considerations before fully embracing this technology.

As the excerpt from the article states: “The Metaverse is a universe in which the digital/virtual world and the real world are blended. It puts together – as seamlessly as possible – your social media, your virtual world, your real world, and your digital communities all in one arena. And in healthcare, this means using technologies that connect your real body and psychiatry to the virtual world.”

We’re thrilled to have our CTO’s expertise and insights featured in SIMzine and encourage everyone to check out the article for a deeper understanding of the possibilities and challenges of the Metaverse in healthcare education.

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