Paediatric Training Reimagined: University of Padua Study

Resuscitation VR, our cutting-edge VR clinical training software, is currently being utilized in a paediatric training pilot study at the University of Padova, Italy. This research project aims to explore the most effective VR modality for training paediatric residents in emergency scenarios.

The study involves 80 randomly selected first and second-year paediatric residents from the University of Padova, who are using the i3 Simulations suite of training modules, localized in Italian. Due to the increasing number of paediatric residents, there are fewer opportunities for code leadership. This is where VR can help by providing more exposure and practice in managing simulated paediatric emergency situations.

The study compares two different VR modalities: group in-person debriefing following a VR scenario (intervention) and individual performance feedback provided by the VR software (control). Preliminary findings show that the intervention group expresses considerable satisfaction with their performance in achieving the objectives set by the simulation team.

Resuscitation VR project has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. They have reported a high perceived usefulness of 94.5% and an overall satisfaction level of 5 on a 5-point Likert scale. These encouraging results suggest that the VR training software has the potential to revolutionize paediatric emergency training.

Full research findings from this pilot study will be presented by the University of Padova at the International Pediatric Simulation Society’s conference in Lisbon on 17-19th May. The presentation will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of VR technology in medical training and will potentially pave the way for further advancements in the field. Watch this space for the final research output and we hope to share these advancements in paediatric training with you all in Lisbon soon!

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