Simulation Research Roundup (April 2023)

As the Research Manager at i3 Simulations, I have to stay current with the latest research in simulation, education, and XR technology. Each month, I’ll be sharing the latest evidence on how XR technology and simulations are transforming medical training.

Here’s what’s new this month, covering enhancing clinical decision making skills for undergraduate nurses, and comparable outcomes between traditional and immersive simulations for both ultrasound and nursing students:

Examining the impact of virtual reality on clinical decision making – An integrative review

C. Jans et al., Nurse Education Today

This integrative review examines the impact of virtual reality on clinical decision making in undergraduate nurses, finding that VR has potential to improve critical thinking, clinical reasoning, clinical judgement, and CDM skills.

Immersive Virtual Reality in Basic Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training: A Randomized Controlled Trial

N. Andersen et al., Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

The study compared the learning efficacy of a traditional instructor-led lesson with that of a self-directed lesson in immersive virtual reality (IVR) in teaching basic point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS) skills and found that IVR was an equivalent alternative to instructor-led lessons, with no significant differences observed in learning efficacy or subgroup objectives of the assessment tool.

Fig 2

Figure 1

Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education: Headset Virtual Reality and Screen-based Virtual Simulation Offer A Comparable Experience

S. Azher et al., Clinical Simulation in Nursing

The study compared nursing students’ performance, usability, cognitive load demands, and emotions in screen-based versus headset-based virtual simulations and found that both modalities yielded statistically comparable results, suggesting that educators have the flexibility to choose between the two for virtual simulation training.

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TJ Matthews
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