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With You Every Step of the Way

We can provide full holistic support with our team of simulations experts, from design, through deployment and training, to evaluation and support, for optimal curriculum integration and results

Bespoke Development

Classrooms of the future, with leading immersive tech and management tools

Optimal Solutions

Our work resolves your organisational challenges through curriculum analysis and custom simulation design

Targeted Training

We can design a comprehensive training curriculum to meet your learning objectives, content, and attainment goals

Full Support

Our work does not conclude until your trainers and trainees are satisfied. We work with you through simulation-launch to ensure project success


i3 Simulations collaborate with all levels of your organisation to meet your specific training requirements, from best practices to branding

How do we make co-production feasible for your organisation?

i3 Simulations can leverage our experience in applying for grants to collaborate on any identified funding sources, which can be complemented by in-kind contributions from both i3 Simulations and your organisation. This shared investment model creates win-win partnerships

What does co-production look like with i3 Simulations?

We become your partner in developing customised simulation modules tailored to your specific training needs and problems. Our expertise combined with your clinical leadership, leads to high-impact training

Who retains the intellectual property
developed together?

You maintain joint commercial IP ownership with i3 Simulations on any modules we co-develop. This ensures you have flexibility in disseminating and using the simulations. These terms can be negotiated as per your organisation’s needs

What are the key benefits of co-producing with i3 Simulations?

The major benefits include specialised modules purpose-built for your needs, shared development costs, ongoing usage rights, and opportunities to co-publish in our collaborations. Let’s co-produce for success

i3 Labs

Intuitive, Interactive, and Immersive classrooms with real-time assessment tools

Modular i3 Labs

Training rooms tailored to your needs, with high spec AR, VR, & MR equipment, with PCs and network infrastructure integrated into smart storage cabinets with built in charging. The ideal choice to gradually scale your XR facilities

Unique features

Intuitive User Interface

User experience is central
to modular i3 labs

Operational Tutorial Video

Detailed videos to onboard
users to hardware and
software tools

Cloud Support

Streaming simulations
and utilising data portals
over cloud support.

Multiplatform Support

Provides smooth
multiple devices

User View Livestreaming

Watch simulations
in real-time and analyses
trainees during tasks

Battery Levels Indicator

Updates critical information
like battery level for a smooth

Our Process

We collaborate with your learning team and stakeholders to customise hardware and software installations based on your goals and resources.

Deployments usually involve a 4-step process for success:

Training & Analytics

With i3 Simulations' cutting-edge analytics, you get the actionable insights and feedback needed to maximise trainee development

Our simulation platforms provide in-depth analytics to optimise your training programs. We measure both qualitative and quantitative feedback of trainee performance, including: 

  • Proficiency and skill acquisition
  • Precision of approach
  • Quality and timeliness of delivery
  • Behaviour and soft skills

This valuable evaluation data is saved against unique user profiles. Our systems then leverage this to deliver: 

  • Tailored learning experiences
  • Non-linear and adaptive training pathways
  • Individualised guidance and feedback
  • Customisable reporting for instructors

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How can we help your business today?

We can use our industry experience & ground
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How can we help your business today?

We can use our industry experience & ground
breaking technology to Improve your business
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