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An Inside Look at SimGym @ UMMC
An Inside Look at SimGym @ UMMC
An insightful article at UMMC, featuring one of our collaborative projects: SimGym, designed for real-world clinical simulation in VR.

We’re excited to share an insightful article featuring one of our collaborative projects: SimGym. This transformative VR tool, designed for real-world clinical simulation, takes virtual reality medical training to a new level. The article is a must-read for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of clinical simulation and education technology.

Conceptualised by Dr. Emily Tarver from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), and developed by our team here at i3 Simulations, SimGym goes beyond traditional simulation environments. It provides a 3D clinical or ER room you can customize, allowing users to modify patient cases, retrieve X-rays from a virtual laptop, add medical equipment, and much more.

The tool, initially devised for serious medical training, has proven itself invaluable as a virtual reality simulation tool in classrooms, lecture halls, and beyond. What sets SimGym apart is its capacity to simulate any type of case, including rare occurrences and mass casualty scenarios.

SimGym has received enthusiastic reviews from both the Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center (SIEC) and the Mississippi Academy for Simulation Training (MAST). Described as an immersive, instructor-driven platform that enables real-time debriefing, SimGym is credited with facilitating applied clinical thinking in a highly engaging format. It is expected to have a significant impact on nursing education in the state.

image of medical training in simgym, a real-world clinical simulation in VR

Our CTO, Tom Dolby is also featured in the article, highlighting the ambition and power behind SimGym. According to Dolby, “You have complete customization – what type of room you’re working in, clinic or trauma bay; you have more than 30 different types of patients, covering a range of ethnicities, age and more.”

SimGym also demonstrates flexibility by allowing injuries, conditions, and vital signs to be customized, along with equipping the training room to fit specific case needs. As Dolby puts it, “The instructor is in complete control every step of the way.”

With over 40 iterations so far, SimGym continues to evolve. Future updates aim to facilitate multiple patient simulations for multiple students, eye movement for hand-tracking, and integration of conversational AI for patient interactions.

If you’re as passionate as we are about the advancements in clinical simulation technology and how they’re revolutionizing healthcare education, we encourage you to read the full article. It offers a deeper dive into the transformative journey of SimGym and gives a glimpse of the future of medical training. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our projects here at i3 Simulations!

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