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St. George’s University Of London Supports Resuscitation VR
St. George’s University Of London Supports Resuscitation VR
i3 Simulations enhances UK clinical training with XR simulations through collaboration with St. George’s University of London.

i3 Simulations is proud to have collaborated with St. George’s University of London’s Innovation & Enterprise team on a novel research project to integrate XR simulations into UK clinical curriculums. The research project aimed to understand the potential impact of XR simulation technology on enhancing clinical training and the student learning experience in a UK context.

The study evaluated the effectiveness of our training scenarios for medical education and clinical training. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with the XR scenarios deemed to be valuable in practicing clinical skills for the diagnosis and immediate management of resuscitation cases. The scenarios provide a safe, realistic, and immersive environment to practice and become familiar with situations, decision logic, and practice environment.

Resuscitation VR was found to be a great way to develop experiential learning and embed practice learned in theory without endangering patients. This will be particularly beneficial to student or early career doctors who are engaging with real-world SIM or are already in the practice environment.

One of the key strengths identified in the study was the intuitiveness of the controls and the clear instructions provided by the Resuscitation VR simulation. Participants found the graphics impressive and of high quality, while the experience was engaging and immersive. The immersive nature of the scenarios was deemed a useful tool for experiential learning as it allowed participants to feel as though they were truly in a clinical setting.

Doctors (Paediatric Consultants) recognized that these scenarios will benefit not only Junior/Trainee Doctors and Students but also other members of the team who would not normally do a SIM, as they will be able to use the XR scenarios to develop insights and understanding of what is typically required, which could potentially enable them to improve their team working skills in high-pressure situations.

The XR scenarios will prepare trainees for the non-manual aspects of emergency care, aside from being a useful prequel to a SIM. The scenarios exceeded expectations in terms of the level of fidelity and immersion, providing an opportunity for trainees and students to learn and practice independently in a simulated setting, which can help them gain confidence and build their skills prior to doing a real-world SIM session in front of their peers and seniors.

We are proud to be leading the charge in immersive medical education, and we look forward to continuing our work with St. George’s University of London and other leading institutions to enhance medical training and improve patient care. The full research is planned to be presented by St. George’s University of London at AMEE Glasgow on the 26-30th August, so stay tuned for more information.



TJ Matthews

Research Manager at i3 Simulations, an immersive solutions company specialising in healthcare training using cutting-edge XR technology.

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